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ECSI Fibrotools designs, builds ,and supplies efficient, precision benchtop equipment for electroplating of MICRO- and NANO-structures. FIBRotools™ are an ideal solution for academic and R&D institutions seeking rapid optimization of novel designs for MEMS and NANO structures and advanced high-density interconnects (HDI). Publish and commercialize innovations faster with our uniform, reproducible electroplating process.

What enables us to do this at a low cost is our proprietary FIBRotools™ -- Fiber-Initiated  Boundary-layer Removal -- technology. Complemented by our advanced wafer-holder design, FIBRotools™ produces uniformity, eliminates bubbles and minimizes edge effects. FIBRotools™ is based on the work of our founder and CEO, Dr. Igor V. Kadija, whose discoveries in the physicochemical hydrodynamics of wet processing were awarded three US patents with worldwide patent coverage.

Flexible and adaptable to many different process configurations, FIBRotools™ enables fast track R&D in design advancements of a wide variety of MEMS, NANO, and HDI devices. Click here to find out more about our products and add-on options.

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