ECSI (Electrochemical Systems, Inc.) makes  tools that work. We design, build and supply efficient, precision benchtop wet processing equipment for electroplating, electroforming, electrocleaning and etching of metal microelectromichanical sytems (MEMS) and high density interconnects (HDI) in academic, R&D and manufacturing applications. FIBRotools™ are ideally suited for optimized electroplating of wafers and wafer sections in semiconductor, MEMS, NANO and advanced high density interconnects and electronics packaging fabrication.

Our objective is to make wet processing practical. Our tools liberate researchers and manufacturers from the relative haphazardness of conventional systems. MEMS, Wafers and High Density Interconnects electroplating and electroforming with our equipment is predictable, easy and affordable.

What enables us to do this at a low cost is our proprietary FIBRo™ -- fiber-initiated  boundary-layer removal -- technology. Complemented by our advanced wafer-holder design, FIBRo™ produces uniformity, eliminates bubbles and minimizes edge effect. FIBRo™ is based on discoveries by our founder and CEO, Igor V. Kadija, in the physicochemical hydrodynamics of wet processing. FIBRo™ is covered by three US patents with worldwide patent coverage. A flexible design in essence FIBRo™ enables valuable upgrades when desired.

IKO Jr. 1 Gal 4" Wafer Plater