FIBRotools™ are flexible and adaptable. Our systems can be combined with a variety of additional systems to create numerous variations on the thin and thick film electroplating process, including:

  • Silicone seedless electroplating
  • Electroplating under magnetic field
  • Electroplating with laser
  • Electroplating under ultrasound
  • Electroplating with a combination of selected spot laser exposure
  • Electroplating in a combination of magnetic field and laser
  • Combination of seedless electroplating under magnetic field
  • Electrophoresis of organic and inorganic matter

Add-on Products

FIBRotools™ currently offers these add-on options for any IKo™ product.

  • Nano Wire (NW)
    Nano-wire template preparation and electroplating capability. Up to 50V pulse or reverse pulse anodizing and nano-wire electroplating.
  • Seedless Electroplating (SL)
    A proprietary wafer holder that enables electroplating uniformity directly on doped silicon, resistance 5e-3 ohm-cm or less.
  • Magnetic field (MG)
    Permanent magnet delivering 1000 Oe to the electroplating plane. Easily removed when not in use.
  • 0.2µ Filtration capability
  • Additional Wafer Holder and Anode sets