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These are samples of scientific projects developed with the help of FIBRotools™ technology:

Flexible Electronics
  1. "Electrochemical Printing Technology (EPT) for Flexible Electronics" Igor Kadija. Proceedings of the TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Exposition,  Washington, D.C., May 2017. (842kB pdf file)
Uniform and Reproducible Electroplating
  1. "A high-bandwidth electromagnetic MEMS motion stage for scanning applications"; Young-Man Choi, Jason J Gorman, Nicholas G Dagalakis, Seung Ho Yang, Yongsik Kim and Jae Myung Yoo, J. Micromech. Microeng. 22 (2012) 105012 (9pp)
  2. "Influence of Ta-based Diffusion Barriers on the Microstructure of Copper Films"; by M. Stangel, A. Fletcher, J. Acker, H. Wendrock, and K. Wetzig, J. of Electronic Materials, Vol. 36, No. 12 (2007) 1625-1629.
  3. "Segregation of organic impurities in thin electroplated Cu metallizations"; by M. Stangl, J. Acker, V. Hoffmann, W Gruner, and K. Wetzig, Microchimica Acta 156, (2007) 159-162.
  4. "Verhalten organisher Verunreinigungen in elektrochemisch abgeschiedenem Kupfer wahrend des self-annealings bei Raumtemperatur."; by M. Stangel, V. Dittel, J. Acker et al.  Galvanotechnik 7 (2005) 1576-1580. (2 MB pdf file)
  5. "Investigation of organic impurities adsorbed on and incorporated into electroplated copper layers"; M. Stangel, Dittel, J. Acker et al., Applied Surface Science 252 (2005) 158-161.
  6. "Characterization of electroplated copper self-annealing with investigations focused on incorporated impurities"; M. Stangl, J. Acker, V. Dittel, W. Gruner, V. Hoffmann, K. Wetzig, Microelectronic Engineering 82 (2005) 189–195.
  7. "FIBRoplate IKo™," 2003 Technology Applications Report, Missile Defense Agency, DoD (88 kB pdf file)
  8. "New Wet Processing for HDIs," I. Kadija and J. Russell, CircuiTree, May 1999, p. 60. (Also presented at the International Expo '99 conference in Anaheim.)
    (2.6 MB pdf file)
  9. "A Novel Wet Processing Technology," I.V. Kadija, Proceedings of the Symposium on High Rate Metal Dissolution Processes, The Electrochemical Society, Proceedings Volume 95-19. (765 kB pdf file)
  10. "AA size micro power conversion cell for wireless applications", S.C.L. Yuen, J.M.H. Lee, M.H.M. Luk, G.H.M. Chan, K.F. Lei, P.H.W. Leong, W.J. Li, and Y. Yam, Proceedings of the 5th World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation, Hangzhou, China (2004).
Micro- and Nanoscale Silicone Modification
  1. "Back plate electroplating for high aspect ratio processes " , S.L. Marasso, S. Benetto, I. Para, et al., Microelectronics International 34, Vol. 2 (2016) 69–74.
  2. "Wafer Level Integration of 3-D Heat Sinks in Power ICs", I. Para, S. L. Marasso, D. Perrone, et al. IEEE Transactions on Electronic Devices 64, Vol. 10 (2017) 4226–4232.
  3. "Seedless electroplating on patterned Silicon", L.D. Vargas Llona, H.V. Jansen and M.C. Elwenspoek, J. Micromech. Microeng. 16 (2006) S1–S6.
  4. "Direct Electroplating on Highly Doped Patterned Silicon Wafers"; L.D. Vargas  Liona, H.V. Jansen and M.C. Elwenspoek, Proceedings from the MicroMechanics Workshop, Europe  MME 05', Sweden, 2005.
Electroforming Molds for Micro- and Nano-embossing
  1. "Polymer Based Vortex Micropump Fabricated by Micro Molding Replication Technique", K.F. Lei, R.H.W. Lam, J.H.M. Lam, W.J. Li, Proceedings of the 2004 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Sendai, Japan (2004).
Biomedical Research
  1. "A polymer lab-on-a-chip for magnetic immunoassay with on-chip sampling and detection capabilities", J. Do and C.H. Ahn , Lab on a Chip 8 (2008), 542-549.
  2. "A serpentine laminating micromixer combining splitting/recombination and advection", D.S. Kim, S.H. Lee, T.H. Kwon, and C.H. Ahn , Lab on a Chip 5 (2005), 739-747.
  3. "Disposable integrated microfluidic biochip for blood typing by plastic microinjection moulding", D.S. Kim, S.H. Lee, C.H. Ahn, J.Y. Lee, T.H. Kwon, Lab on a Chip 6 (2006), 794-802.
Micro- and Nanorobotics
  1. "Wireless Resonant Magnetic Actuators for Untethered Mobile Microrobots" K. Vollmers, D.R. Frutinger, B. Kratochvil, and B. Nelson. Applied Physics Letters 92, 144103 (2008).

    The Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS) from ETH, Zurich participated in the Nanogram tournament in 2007 in Atlanta, where their team, Karl Wollmers et. al., won its first title with the soccer microrobot fabricated with the IKoClassic electroplater.