The Slim version of IKo™ CLASSIC™ is designed to fit a fume hood. With the footprint of 17" x 28" it enables fitting up to 3 modules in a fume hood for multiple simultaneous operating sites within a single electroplating Station. The power supply is located in prefered separate site.

  • micro/macro uniformity <5% across the wafer
  • superior process control for sub-mil features
  • low purchase and operating costs
  • smallest plater footprint on the market (20"X28")
  • handles various-sized wafers (2cm2 to 8")
  • simultaneously processes up to three 2" wafers
  • extremely fast -- typically, 1µ per minute
  • uses off-the-shelf chemistries with minimal additives
  • efficiently reuses chemical solution
  • easy to use/maintain


IKoClassic Slim version is fabricated with PVC and polypropylene and a minimum of metal parts to avoid potential contamination of electroplating solutions. Metal features are stainless and titanium. All parts can be easily disassembled for maintenance.


input power:

220/120 VAC =/-10%, 50-60 Hz, 5/10A

wafer size:

2cm2 to 8"

metals plated:

Cu, Ni, Pd, Au, Sn, Pb, Pt, Fe, Ag, Permalloy, Sn/Pb, Pd/Ni and others

current DC and pulse avg:

0.1A, 1.0A and 3.0A

current peak:

0.3A, 3.0A and 6.0A




sealed keypad for setup of optional controls and features

on/off timing:

4 digit 0.01 mS to 99 seconds

programmable timer: 4 digit realtime
stability: +/- 1mA
ripple: less 1%
anode insoluble: FIBRoplate™ anode
anode soluble: FIBRoplate™ titanium basket
rec. frequency: 0-2.7 Hz
wafer holder: Full Circle gasket/contact, current collector
filtration: Continuous-cartridge, 400 GPH with 1µ filtration
venting: Fume exhaust attachment
heater: Thermostat, 160F max., 550 Watt
solution volume: 2.1 Gal, 8 liters
footprint: 17" wide, 28" deep, 28" high

Start-Up Support

ECSI provides operating and maintenance manual and initial technical assistance and training as specified bellow:

a. Free of charge training at the Buyer’s location for first two (2) days;

b. Travel, room and board expenses paid by the Buyer for the first 2 (two) days at the Buyer's location;

c. At the prevailing hourly rate for any additional day beyond 2 (two) initial days.

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