The IKo™ STATION™ is a self-contained, complete plating system for MEMS and NANO fabrication - wafer installation, cleaning, activation, DI rinsing and electroplating - ideal for a wide range, 2 cm2 to 8" odd shape substrates and wafers. Easily retrofitted to a cleanroom environment.

  • micro/macro uniformity <5% across the wafer
  • superior process control for sub-mil features
  • low purchase and operating costs
  • handles various-sized wafers (2 cm2 to 8")
  • identical hydrodynamics for all sizes if needed
  • wafer cleaning and plating preparation under the same hood
  • extremely fast – typically, 1µ per minute
  • uses off-the-shelf chemistries with minimal additives
  • efficiently reuses chemical solution
  • easy to use/maintain

The IKo™ Station contains all accessories for processing wafers under one hood. The unit is fabricated with PVC and polypropylene and a minimum of metal parts to avoid potential contamination of electroplating solutions. Metal features are stainless and titanium. All parts can be easily disassembled for maintenance.

Dual power supply for precision reverse pulse plating or potentiostatic operation.

IKoStation's arrangement of wafer holder, reciprocating anode, reverse pulse rectifier and pump ensure surpassing performance:

  • Wafer holders, ergonomically designed for easy processing and handling. A full-circle, elastic electric gasket/contact provides uniform current distribution. Result: uniform thickness features across the wafer without leaking solution to the back of the wafer.

  • Reciprocating anode, a proprietary feature. Provides for an efficient exchange of matter and uniform electric field distribution.

  • Reverse-pulse rectifier combined with the potentiostat, contribute to equipment versatility. Reverse-pulse current during processing efficiently controls plating thickness distribution along the Z-axis. Potentiostat enables electroplating at precisely-selected potential for specific MEMS and NANO structures.

  • Fan-out pump with constant filtration (regardless of fine filter medium). Provides a constant flow of high-quality bulk solution.
input power: 220/120 VAC +/-10%, 50-60 Hz, single phase, 15/30 A
hood size: 5’ x 3’ x 6’, construction material - Polypropylene
wafer size: 2cm2 to 8"
metals plated: Cu, Ni, Pd, Au, Sn, Pb, Pt, Fe, Ag, Permalloy, Sn/Pb, Pd/Ni and others


Reverse Pulse Power Supply

current DC/avg. max: 0.1 A, 1 A, 3 A, 5 A, 10 A
current peak: 0.3 A, 3 A, 6 A,10 A, 20 A
volts: 0-10 V (higher voltages available)
on/off timing: upt to 5,000 Hz
programmable timer: 4 digit realtime
stability: +/- 1 mA
ripple: 1%



potentiostat: 3 electrode system
current DC max: 1 A
ref. electrode: Ag/AgCl or calomel
  Luggin capillary attachment


Electroplating Section

solution volume: 2.1 Gal, 8 liters
anode insoluble: FIBRoplate™ anode
anode soluble: FIBRoplate™ titanium basket
wafer holder:

2 cm2 to  8", full circle collector




rinse tank: 10" x 12" x 12", cascade flow
conditioning tank: 10" x 10" x 12", two sections
add’l feature: Bench-top pH meter
N2/DI: Air/Nitrogen gun and DI water spray handy for wafer processing

Start-Up Support

ECSI provides operating and maintenance manual and initial technical assistance and training as specified bellow:

a. Free of charge training at the Buyer’s location for first two (2) days;

b. Travel, room and board expenses paid by the Buyer for the first 2 (two) days at the Buyer's location;

c. At the prevailing hourly rate for any additional day beyond 2 (two) initial days.

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