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October, 2018

ECSI FIBRotools™ expands to Australia

University of New South Wales in Kensington, NSW, has purchased an IKo system from ECSI Fibrotools, making them the first customers on the continent. ECSI Fibrotools looks forward to exceeding the expectations of the researchers at UNSW with the dependability and precision of FIBRotools technology. ECSI Fibrotools plans to increase their presence in Australia over the next 5-10 years, coinciding with their addition of a representative’s office in Hong Kong.

April, 2018

ECSI FIBRotools™ expands to Split, Croatia

ECSI Fibrotools, Inc. (formerly “ElectroChemical Systems”) has opened a branch in Split, Croatia under the name “Fibrous Tools”. Fibrous Tools is dedicated to providing our European clients with the same excellent service and sales capabilities that our North American customers know and love. With direct flight connections to many major European cities, our location in Split allows us to respond quickly to inquiries and service requests by clients throughout Europe. In addition, on-site training and teaching for current and future users of Fibrotools equipment in Europe will now be easier than ever. We look forward to continuing our business in Europe while we grow this new branch.

For sales and support inquiries or further information, please contact Ante Zanki at ante.zanki@gmail.com

July, 2017

Video demonstration of electroplating with FIBRotools™

Watch the video below to see ECSI Fibrotools founder Dr. Igor Kadija demonstrate electroplating with the MU-IKoStation™ system. The video highlights the user-friendly design features common to all IKo™ systems.

May, 2017

Introducing FiBRotools™ Electrochemical Printing Technology (EPT)

FiBRotools™ EPT is a new, patent-pending application of FiBRotools™ electroplating technology to flexible electronic circuits. Using contact electroplating, FiBRotools™ EPT enables uniform, direct electroplating of isolated patterns without the need for peripheral electrical contacts.

ECSI Fibrotools founder Dr. Igor Kadija demonstrated how this new technology can be applied to flexible electronics at TechConnect World Innovation Conference in Washington, D.C. Read his conference paper here.

For more detailed information please contact ElectroChemical Systems, Inc.

August, 2015

FIBRotools™ Meets the Demand for Innovative Micro and Nano Structure Design and Fabrication including Advanced Electroplating

Micro and nano features are one of the key building blocks behind the explosive growth in modern technology. The almost limitless variety of features coupled with ambitious R&D efforts demand a fast track multidisciplinary approach to micro and nano structure design and fabrication including advanced electroplating capabilities. To meet the demands for enhanced flexibility and adaptability to process modification, FIBRotools™ can be deployed in a wide variety of both thin and thick film electroplating conditions and parameters.

Based on its proven FIBRotools™ technology, ECSI Fibrotools is now offering:

  • Fast track scale-up development from chips and 2” substrates to 8” substrates of various shapes and thickness
  • Silicone seedless electroplating
  • Electroplating under magnetic field
  • Electroplating with laser
  • Electroplating under ultrasound
  • Electroplating with a combination of selected spot laser exposure
  • Electroplating in a combination of magnetic field and laser
  • Combination of seedless electroplating under magnetic field
  • Electrophoresis of organic and inorganic matter

For more detailed information please contact ECSI Fibrotools by e-mail at info@fibrotools.com

November, 2007

“Small Times”

Sale of FIBRotools™ MEMS/nano equipment based on flexibility and value, says ECSI

ECSI Fibrotools, manufacturer of IKo™ Classic electroplating and electroforming tools for MEMS, nanostructures, and high-density interconnects (HDIs), says that its recent sales of FIBRotools equipment stem from flexibility, ease of use, and value. The company’s recent installations include the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, India; the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC; and MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington, Mass., among others.

July, 2007

“Small Times”

Journal Section: News/Products

FIBRotools™ helps IRIS win the Robocup Competition

This July in Atlanta, GA, Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS) from ETH, Zurich, Switzerland, won the competition in Nanogram Robotic Soccer division. IRIS  introduced for the first time electroplated MEMS parts in their microrobots.

Another example of FIBRotools™ efficiency. IRIS is making the most of its IKoClassic by educating generations of engineers in precise and efficient MEMS electroplating. ECSI FIBRotools™ benchtop electroplater is currently used worldwide by many academic and R&D institutions.

For more details see:                                        

June, 2007

Journal section: Supply Line News/Sales

FIBRotools™ electroplater for MEMS/NANO and HDIs

ECSI Fibrotools, the manufacturer of IKo™ Classic - electroplating and electroforming equipment for MEMS/NANO structures and HDIs - continues to expand its domestic and worldwide sales in the first half of 2007. New customers include the University of Central Florida, Orlando, the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC and MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA. Internationally, ECSI delivered IKoClassic to the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India.

Purchasers cited three main reasons for their selection of ECSI equipment: the operator can even with limited electroplating skills reliably achieve reproducible, quality results on a wide range of substrate sizes from small wafer sections up to 8" wafers; equipment delivers an exceptional performance/price ratio; and, ECSI offers a superior technical support.

August 17, 2006

Journal section: Supply Line News/Sales

More FIBRotools™ installations for MEMS and HDIs

ECSI, the manufacturer of IKo™ Classic – electroplating and electroforming equipment for MEMS and HDIs – is experiencing a banner season. IKo’s sales penetrated markets in ITALY (Politecnico di Torino, Torino), BELGIUM (UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve), FINLAND (Coherent, Tampere) and KOREA (Korea Institute of industrial Technology, Incheon). Purchasers cited two main reasons for their selection of ECSI equipment: the unique design of IKoClassic that enables even an operator with limited electroplating skills to reliably achieve reproducible, quality results; the exceptional performance/price ratio that makes IKo™ Classic ideal for R&D and academic institutions.

Journal Section: Technology Today News/Products

New FIBRotools™ electroplater for MEMS and HDIs

Twice the speed means twice the production. ECSI now offers a new version of its popular IKo™ bench-top electroplater. This spring it introduced IKo-2W6, a bench-top electroplater that allows simultaneous processing of multiple 2” to 8” wafers. IKo-2W6 is capable of electroplating and electroforming 2 wafers in the same plating solution, with identical or entirely different operating parameters, if needed. It promises to be an exceptional tool for fast R&D and/or small scale production.  The first sale of IKo-2W6 went to a major supplier of specialty chemicals for electronics and MEMS manufacturers.